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San Diego Dog Bites, $7 million jury verdict for victim

In a recent Florida dog bite case, a jury awarded a man more than $7 million to compensate him for injuries and future medical expenses associated with the dog bites he suffered back in 2011. The man sustained severe epidermal injuries and permanent back injuries as he fought to escape from three aggressive dogs owned by his neighbors.

San Diego Dog Bites, Homeowners Insurance Policies Exclusions

When it comes to dog bites, this blog traditionally focuses on the victims of attacks and the avenues of legal recovery they can pursue. It is equally important to advise dog owners on insurance matters to ensure that should an attack happen, victims have a sufficient source of recovery, and dog owners have insurance to provide defense and pay for the victim's damages.

Roaming Dogs Attack Pedestrians Near South Los Angeles Elementary

Three dogs later identified as purebreds reportedly bit four pedestrians last week, three of them quite seriously. The dogs, two Belgian Malinois shepherds and a Dutch Shepherd, were roaming apparently free in the area around Manhattan Place Elementary School in South Los Angeles and attacked pedestrians unlucky enough to encounter them. Fortunately, no children were bitten.

Obama Says Breed-Specific Bans Don't Reduce Dog Bite Injuries

When President Obama adopted a second White House dog recently -- Sunny, a Portuguese water dog like original First Dog Bo -- the press and public was mesmerized by her cuteness. There was a secondary purpose to the press conference introducing Sunny to the world, as well. In response to a petition on that garnered more than 30,000 signatures, the Administration announced its official position opposing breed-specific legislation as ineffective and a waste of public resources.

Insurers Are Taking Steps to Limit Their Liability for Dog Bites

If you live in California and own a dog, you should know that you can be held financially responsible for the cost of any injury your dog may cause, including dog bite injuries. Most people are able to manage that potential for liability, however, because dog bites are typically covered by homeowners and renters insurance.

Farmers Will No Longer Pay Certain Dog Bite Claims in California

The insurance company Farmers Group, Inc., recently notified its homeowners policyholders that it will no longer pay on dog bite injury claims involving pit bulls, Rottweilers or wolf hybrids. The move, which will go into effect upon the next renewal of the policy, was made in response to an internal review the company performed of its liability claims. According to a spokesperson for Farmers, these three breeds of dog accounted for over 25 percent of all the dog bite injury claims the company pays out. Furthermore, the same three breeds were also responsible for more damage per bite, on average, than other breeds.

Dog Attack to Child in San Diego County

Another dog attack to a child occurred in San Diego County. A pit bull dog attacked and bit a ten year old girl on Friday, July 13, 2012. The pit bull dog attack occurred at apartments located on North Melrose Drive in Vista, California.

Bullying and Elder Abuse = Personal Injury

Bullying an older person is elder abuse and a very personal injury. Bullies pick on the most vulnerable of people.  Bullying occurs across gender and generations.  Children are bullied at school, on school grounds and on the Internet.  The aged can also be the target of bullies.

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