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Liability Debate over dog bites brings up important questions

A debate among state lawmakers highlighted some of the key issues in determining who is the responsible party when a dog bites a human. State laws on dog bite liability vary widely across the country, reflecting different viewpoints on the duties of a dog owner. On one side are those who support what is essentially strict liability for dog owners - they must be held responsible no matter the circumstances when their dog bites another person. Strict liability means there is only one question - did the dog bite the human? If the answer is yes the owner is held responsible.

San Diego Dog Bites, Homeowners Insurance Policies Exclusions

When it comes to dog bites, this blog traditionally focuses on the victims of attacks and the avenues of legal recovery they can pursue. It is equally important to advise dog owners on insurance matters to ensure that should an attack happen, victims have a sufficient source of recovery, and dog owners have insurance to provide defense and pay for the victim's damages.

San Diego Dog Bites, Children Most Common Victims

The threat of dog bites is a reality for San Diegans. We are blessed with great weather. A natural accompaniment to the warmer climate is many opportunities for outdoor activity. For dog owners this means taking the dog for a walk. According to San Diego County Animal Control, San Diego's 3.2 million residents share our County with more than 1 million pets and sheltered animals. Given the facts, it's worthwhile to take a moment to reflect on how dog bites occur, how to prevent them, and what to do if a dog does indeed bite.

Murrieta Lowes Dog Bites, Felony Arrest for Dog Owner

After his large Akita dog viciously attacked a child in a local Murrieta Lowes earlier this year, Robert Kahn was arrested this month on charges of felony negligence. The young victim-who approached the dog to pet him after being invited by the dog's owner-needed an astonishing 50 stitches to close the gaping facial injury and wounds resulting from the dog bites. The story doesn't stop there; the Murrieta Lowes was well-known for allowing dog owners to let their dogs roam freely around the store, leash or no leash, and had no rules or regulations regarding dogs posted whatsoever.

Slough of Police Dog Bites, Hayward Paying Out Huge Settlements

The city of Hayward is paying $225,000 to settle a case after a kennel worker sustained severe dog bites from a police K-9 that was being boarded at a local kennel.  The kennel worker suffered dog bites to both legs, and had to be treated at a local hospital for an infection that resulted from the dog bites. The case is the third in a string of vicious dog attacks involving Hayward police K-9's, where the city has paid out substantial settlements to the victims over the past year.

Dog Bites 3-Year Old Boy Inside Murrieta Lowes

A 3-Year old Murrieta boy sustained severe dog bites by a large Japanese Akita dog at a local Lowe's Home Improvement on the 28th of January. After the dog's owner invited the child to pet his dog, the dog responded with bites to the boy's jaw, neck and forehead. The boy was rushed to Inland Valley Regional Medical Center, where his injuries required an astonishing 50 stitches to close the facial injuries with likely permanent disfigurement.

Postal Service Renews Appeal for Owners to Restrain Their Dogs

After two U.S. Postal Service letter carriers in West Virginia were seriously injured in dog attacks recently, the postal service has renewed its appeal for homeowners to keep their dogs out of the path of carriers. If your dog is in the yard, be sure it can’t get anywhere near a postal carrier, the area postmaster reiterated on behalf of postal workers nationwide. Also, if you’re in the habit of greeting the mail carrier at the door, please put your dog in another room before you do.

Lawsuit Moves Forward for Bystander Bitten by Police Dog, Taunted

In November of last year, an Oakley, California, handyman was walking home from work when he allegedly had a nasty encounter with police officers on the hunt for an armed robbery suspect. Assuming they had found their man, law enforcement officers surrounded the handyman.

Are LA's Police K9s Racist Against African Americans and Latinos?

Did you know that in the first six months of 2013, every single person who was bitten by a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department dog was either African American or Latino? That’s a fact, according to the Police Assessment Resource Center, which works with law enforcement agencies, government officials, court-ordered monitors and civic groups to promote respect, accountability and effectiveness among police.

Roaming Dogs Attack Pedestrians Near South Los Angeles Elementary

Three dogs later identified as purebreds reportedly bit four pedestrians last week, three of them quite seriously. The dogs, two Belgian Malinois shepherds and a Dutch Shepherd, were roaming apparently free in the area around Manhattan Place Elementary School in South Los Angeles and attacked pedestrians unlucky enough to encounter them. Fortunately, no children were bitten.

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