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San Diego Personal Injury, GM defect intentionally concealed

GM has released new details about another serious defect in their vehicles leading to personal injury lawsuits. According to GM, ignition switches in certain vehicles can deactivate in a collision, causing the airbags to, in turn, deactivate. The force of the crash actually turns the vehicles' airbags off and prevents them from deploying. This increases the chance of serious personal injury and  wrongful death.

San Diego personal injury, Uber driver attacks female passenger

Uber is in more hot water, following a personal injury law suit brought against the company in March, 2014. This latest suit, brought by a female Uber passenger, alleges that a male Uber driver repeatedly fondled her while she was a passenger in the vehicle. After the female passenger moved to the front seat to help direct the driver, he began making lewd comments and repeatedly fondled the woman's legs, breasts and groin area. The passenger demanded that the driver stop and let her out, but the driver locked the doors and refused to let her leave. The passenger was eventually able to escape after she threatened to call the police.

Personal Injury, CA Party Hosts Liable if Cover Charge Collected

With Spring Break right around the corner, San Diego residents can anticipate underage drinking that always accompanies the warmer seasons. It is no mystery that the combination of minors and alcohol is disastrous. This combination can lead to senseless personal injury and death. Typically minors choose to drink at huge parties thrown at someone's house when their parents are out of town. As guests enter the party, the hosts ask for money or collect a cover charge to help offset the cost of alcohol. During or after the party, the underage drinkers stumble out of the house and make regrettable decisions that cause harm to others.

Bullying and Elder Abuse = Personal Injury

Bullying an older person is elder abuse and a very personal injury. Bullies pick on the most vulnerable of people.  Bullying occurs across gender and generations.  Children are bullied at school, on school grounds and on the Internet.  The aged can also be the target of bullies.

Personal Injury at School in Sports

Personal injury risks abound in schools.  In San Diego, Fall signals the return to school for many of our children.  Fall sport teams, such as high school and pee wee football, have begun practice. The young athletes begin training in the heat of the summer, sometimes in full pads and helmets. While some risks are inherent in sports, the leagues, athletic departments, coaches and trainers need to be aware of, and not subject our children to, unnecessary risk of injury from heat and heat stroke.

Elevator Injuries

Elevators are an essential part of working and living in the city. However, elevators can present a real danger of injury or death. For example a student at Ohio State University was killed when the elevator he was in suddenly dropped, crushing him between the ceiling of the elevator and the third floor lobby. It was discovered that the main brake had failed and the University had failed to properly inspect and maintain the elevator. Additionally, here in San Diego the Law Offices of David Beeson successfully resolved an elevator case against the United States Government and others. The door of the elevator opened and our client stepped into what should have been the elevator car. Instead, the car was not at the floor and our client stepped into an open elevator shaft, falling over 10 feet into the pit. It was discovered that the elevator door latch system failed and the Government and others had failed to properly inspect and maintain the elevator.

New Law to Expedite Jury Trials

On October 4, 2010, California Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 2284, The Expedited Jury Trials Act, authorizing optional one-day jury trials with simplified rules in civil cases.

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