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Injuries to children from dog bites can be devastating

Children, especially young children, tend not to have a healthy fear of, well, much of anything. For instance, they see a dog and want to play with it and pet it, and they often have no idea how dangerous dogs can be. Even the nicest dog can turn and bite when inadvertently provoked. When a dog does bite, the injuries to children can be devastating.

Felony case to proceed in dog attack at Murrieta Lowe's store

In February, we reported that the owner of an Akita was arrested on felony charges after the dog bit a child at a Lowe’s store in Murrieta, California. The man’s criminal defense lawyer reportedly has dog-bite cases are typically handled as civil matters. A judge presiding in the felony criminal case acknowledged in the preliminary hearing that dog attacks are often civil matters, but the judge found sufficient evidence for the criminal case to go forward.

Fido could have a legal spot at the table in California eateries

California lawmakers were recently presented with the opportunity to give domesticated dogs a legal spot at the table in restaurants across the state. As it stands, dogs may be seen at outdoor eateries across the state. This is technically against the law. California Assembly Bill 1965 would change all this.

Is your dog likely to bite? 4.5 million people may have an answer

Los Angeles and San Diego are near the top of the list of cities for dog bite attacks involving Postal Service employees. LA comes in second place, with San Diego ranking fourth in the United States. The Post Office says that more than 5,500 workers were victims of dog attacks last year.

San Diego Animal Bites, Petco Sells Infected Pet Rat

Deadly animal bites in San Diego can come in a wide variety of forms, from savage dog attacks, to exotic animals wreaking havoc. However, the wrongful death of a San Diego 10 year old boy came from a surprising culprit: a pet rat purchased from the commercial pet store, Petco.

Don't underestimate the danger of cat bites

When one thinks of a dangerous animal bite we usually think of something like a dog bite or being bitten by a wild animal that could be rabid. It is true that these types of bites are common and can cause serious injury, but a new study reveals that there is one type of animal bite many people may be overlooking – cat bites. Cat bites comprise only 10 to 15 percent of animal bites that are treated in emergency rooms and as such are relatively uncommon but these bites can still pose special risks to victims.

Settlement reached in police dog bite case

A man has reached a settlement agreement with a local police department over an incident in which he was attacked and injured by a police dog. The incident took place while the dog and his handler were out looking for a suspect in a crime, and the man was out walking in morning by himself. The dog was on a very long, 30-foot lead at the time of the attack, when he came over the top of a hill ahead of his handler and jumped on the man who was walking.

Zoo Investigates After Patron Is Bitten by Rhino

Thousands of people visit the San Diego Zoo with the expectation that they can see exotic animals up close without many of the concerns associated with seeing them in the wild. As such, zoo management should take steps to make sure that visitors are safe from animal attacks.

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