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Accidents happen no matter how careful a driver is. Whether the vehicle rolled following a steering overcorrection or a tire blowout, its safety features should still protect you. At the San Diego Law Offices of David P. Beeson & Associates, our attorneys investigate SUV rollovers and work to find answers for our clients. We pursue justice and accountability. Contact us to speak personally with an experienced personal injury and wrongful death lawyer.

Our California Auto Accident Attorneys Find Answers and Pursue Compensation

Vehicle manufacturers carefully design and engineer vehicles that are safe and avoid potential crashes. However, recognizing that accidents still happen, all vehicles are mandated by law to pass certain crashworthiness guidelines to ensure the vehicle can protect its passengers in the event of an accident.

Our attorneys and professional investigators thoroughly analyze the accident, the vehicle and all factors surrounding the accident. Our thorough investigation often reveals manufacturing defects, engineering defects, design defects and other defects that may have caused vehicle instability or safety protection devices to fail, such as:

  • Too high center of gravity, causing vehicle instability
  • Poor roof structure, causing the roof to crush in the rollover
  • Defective tires, which caused the SUV to roll over
  • Defective door latches, which caused the doors to open resulting in ejection

With more than 30 years of experience, our law firm offers the resources and perseverance to provide clients with aggressive, thorough representation following any vehicle rollover accident:

  • SUV rollovers/sport utility vehicle accidents
  • 15-passenger van and 18-passenger van accidents
  • Side-impact rollover accidents

We represent clients who have sustained catastrophic injuries, such as a brain injury or spinal cord injury caused by ejection or roof crush. However, we also represent families of fatal accident victims in wrongful death lawsuits.

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San Diego SUV Rollover Accident Lawyer
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The San Diego personal injury law firm of David P. Beeson & Associates offers skilled representation to clients injured or involved in vehicle rollover accidents occurring on I-5, I-805, I-8, and other major highways and freeways in Southern California.

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