San Diego Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The physical and financial consequences of motorcycle crashes can be significant. Recovering compensation proportional to medical costs and lost wages can be difficult when insurance companies refuse to pay a fair settlement or attempt to place part of the blame for an accident on the motorcycle rider.

At The Law Offices of David P. Beeson & Associates, we work with accident investigators and medical experts to establish the cause and scope of our clients' injuries. Car, truck and bus drivers often fail to see motorcycles at intersections and when changing lanes on the highway, and blame motorcycle riders for "coming out of nowhere." Using accident investigators, we measure skid marks, interview eyewitnesses and analyze evidence from an accident scene in order to assign fault to negligent car drivers who hit our clients.

If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident, don't provide a statement to an insurance claims agent or the company's attorney without first contacting your own lawyer. To schedule a free consultation, contact the motorcycle crash attorneys at The Law Offices of David P. Beeson & Associates today.

Our California Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys Defend Victims of Motorcycle Accidents

The Law Offices of David P. Beeson & Associates represents motorcycle riders suffering from the following kinds of injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash:

  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paraplegia/quadriplegia
  • Disfigurement
  • Amputations
  • Neck and back injuries

Determining the At-Fault Driver and Assessing Liability

A person who runs a stop sign, is distracted while talking on a cellphone, or speeding excessively is "at fault" if their actions cause an accident. If, however, actions on the part of more than one driver lead to an accident, fault is shared among them. In cases where fault is assigned to both drivers, insurers may deny a claim or pay only a portion of an injured person's losses.

In motorcycle crashes, it's not uncommon for insurers to claim a motorcycle rider shares partial fault for causing an accident. Insurers may argue a motorcycle did not change lanes properly, remained in the blind spot of a car driver, or failed to come to a complete stop at an intersection. That's why our attorneys work with experienced accident investigators in making the case for our clients.

By measuring skid marks and analyzing the damage to the vehicles involved, we can often tell if a motorist was speeding or should have seen our client in front of them.

Contact Motorcycle Crash Attorneys at The Law Offices of David P. Beeson & Associates

We understand how to investigate motorcycle accidents because we understand how most accidents happen. We also understand the steps insurers take to reduce claim amounts and shift blame onto a motorcycle rider. Don't forfeit your rights to pursue fair, equitable damages by agreeing to a settlement offer. Consult an attorney.

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