Taxi Cab Accidents

The use of taxi cabs in San Diego is on the increase. Our City is blessed with good weather and many tourists visit "America's Finest City". Their need for transportation is apparent. Further, more people are aware of the risks associated with drinking and driving thus making the taxi cab a viable alternative. After an evening of enjoying the nightlife, hailing a taxi is prudent. Here in San Diego, the Gaslamp area is a popular part of our City to enjoy the nightlife. In the early morning hours many people are outside our Clubs and Restaurants. The taxis are driving up and down the streets trying to get fares. Unfortunately, the taxi driver may be at the end of a long day. The driver may be experiencing fatigue related issues or may be distracted in other ways such as looking for a fare, cell phone or radio communications or may have medical problems that cause an accident. If you or a loved one are injured as a result of a taxi accident, be sure to consult an experienced attorney.

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