Fatal big rig accident leads to lawsuit against trucking company

A fatal big rig accident has led to a negligence lawsuit against the truck’s driver and the trucking company.

Big rig plowed into 10 vehicles, killing one man and injuring seven others

A major accident on Highway 17 near Los Gatos involving a big rig and 10 other vehicles has led to a lawsuit against the big rig's driver and the trucking company, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. The big rig collided with the 10 vehicles, resulting in one death and seven injuries. A woman who suffered spine and liver injuries in the accident has launched the lawsuit against the driver and trucking company, saying their negligence contributed to the crash.

Large morning crash

The crash occurred on the morning of July 7 near Los Gatos. Traffic on the highway had been moving slowly when a big rig coming down a hill collided with the cars stuck in traffic. According to the San Jose Mercury News, the driver who was killed was ejected from his car and then dragged by the big rig. Seven others were injured, including one critically who was also the woman who eventually filed the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the woman suffered a lacerated liver and spinal injury. She was initially listed in critical condition, but has since been allowed to return home. The lawsuit alleges that the truck driver and the truck company, which is based in Madera County, were negligence.

Trucker's comments may indicate negligence

Attorneys for the plaintiff pointed to comments made by the big rig driver to the media shortly after the crash. The driver told a television station that his vehicle was carrying too much weight and was going too fast on too steep of a hill. He claims he pressed the brakes but that the vehicle failed to slow down. The trucking company, meanwhile, claimed that the vehicle passed a safety inspection the morning of the crash.

The California Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident and has not yet laid any criminal charges or issued citations. The father of the injured woman says that runaway truck ramps should be installed on the highway to help prevent similar crashes in the future. According to Caltrans, however, such ramps are difficult to construct on this particular stretch of highway due to a lack of space.

Commercial truck accidents

While most motor vehicle accidents are serious, those involving large commercial trucks have the potential to be catastrophic, as the above story shows. Furthermore, because trucking companies will often go to great lengths to reduce their liability in an accident, it is important for victims of such wrecks to contact a personal injury attorney as soon after the accident as possible.

An experienced attorney can help make sure that documentation and evidence pertaining to the crash is preserved. The preservation of such evidence is highly important when holding negligent trucking companies accountable for the often catastrophic crashes that their vehicles can cause. A personal injury lawyer with experience dealing with such accidents can offer victims the best chance at receiving the maximum compensation for the pain and suffering they have endured.

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