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In an uncontested divorce, the parties take ownership of the decision-making process. Rather than leaving major decisions in the hands of the court, the couple works together to come to decisions on property division, child custody and other important issues.

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California Divorce Agreement Lawyers

An uncontested divorce usually has many of the same issues as contested divorce — custody, property division, support and other issues — however, the parties chose to try and work together to reach solutions that are fair and work for both parties.

  • Child custody and visitation: An uncontested divorce can be the easiest emotionally for all involved, especially children who are immensely vulnerable during this time. We assist parents with negotiations over joint legal and physical custody arrangements and parenting time/visitation schedules.
  • Property division and debt division: Our family law attorneys advocate for our clients' property interests in negotiations over marital property and debt division. We negotiate, draft and review property settlement agreements. It is almost impossible to modify this part of the settlement, so it is important to ensure it is done properly.
  • Support: In California, specific guidelines determine child support amounts, and specific factors are used to determine spousal support/alimony amounts. We can help you to understand your rights or obligations and prepare you for what to expect.
  • Post-divorce modifications: After the divorce is final, the need may arise to revisit child support or spousal support orders. Know that these orders can be modified if there is a significant change in circumstances, such as dramatically reduced income.

Amicable resolutions through an uncontested divorce often promote more respectful relationships between parents who will continue to have contact for the purpose of raising children over the coming years.

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