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Child custody determinations for military parents are much the same as determinations for nonmilitary parents. The court pursues an arrangement that is in the best interests of the children. However, the complexity of child custody issues are compounded when one or both parents are active members in the military or when a parent who is a reservist is mobilized.

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Military personnel are enduring the same story over and over. After divorce, child custody determinations are made. The service member may spend years raising the child as the primary residential parent. Suddenly, the parent is mobilized and deployed overseas — sometimes with as little as a day's notice. Child custody is temporarily modified with the expectation that it will return to the original order when the parent returns home. Once overseas, the other parent pursues a permanent change to custody, and the service member returns to find he or she has lost custody.

Child Support Modification Lawyers in California

At The Law Offices of David P. Beeson & Associates, we can help. We represent service members and nonservice members in all aspects of divorce and child custody. We help assert your rights and do everything possible to obtain a favorable resolution. We handle all military custody issues, such as:

  • Modification of custody or visitation
  • Modification of child support
  • Challenging arrearages that accrued while overseas
  • Fighting move-aways or relocations that occurred while you were deployed

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) provides that once California has jurisdiction over a child custody case, California will retain jurisdiction for all matters relating to the child. This law prevents nonservice member parents from "forum shopping" — searching from state to state to find the most advantageous laws pertaining to custody arrangements, visitation and modifications of existing orders.

We are strong advocates of fathers' rights as well as mothers' rights for servicemen and servicewomen.

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