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Divorce can be a very difficult time. Dealing with the uncertainty of the future can be daunting. However, with professional legal assistance, some of the angst can be minimized. When describing divorce, we often use the analogy of eating an elephant: It can only be done one bite at a time.

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Initial Divorce Filing

It is important to realize that a divorce is a lawsuit. The marital partners are "suing" each other to dissolve their "partnership." Thus, in California a divorce is started by filing with the court a Summons and Petition for Dissolution.

These documents must then be properly served on the other party. Generally, the documents are personally served by either a marshal or private process server. However, alternative ways of serving are available if the facts of the particular case call for these other service methods. After service, a proof of service must be filed with the court.

Proper service is important. Nothing can be done by the court until the proper service of process has occurred. Additionally, the first date that marital status can be terminated is six months after the proper service has occurred.

Our Caring and Experienced La Jolla Divorce Lawyers Obtain Temporary Spousal Support

Client Testimonial: "The process of divorce can be a long, stressful one. In my case, Dave provided me with an understanding of the best and worst scenarios. When it came to CSC day, his 30-plus years of experience showed up, and we both left the courtroom very pleased with the result." — Scott

The court can issue an order to show cause to make temporary orders designed to maintain the status quo pending trial. These orders can include an order requiring one of the parties to move from the residence, temporary use of the community residence, child custody, child sharing, child and spousal support, and if necessary, restraining orders. It is important to adequately prepare the documents for the court and have them timely filed with the court, so that the court can make proper orders.

A divorce is determined by the issues presented to the court by the parties. The fewer issues the court has to decide, the better it is for the parties. Generally, agreements between the parties are easier for the parties to accept and "live with." Therefore, if the two parties can reach agreements that are legal and appropriate, their level of discomfort can be reduced. I encourage my clients to be the masters of their own destinies and try to resolve the issues directly with their spouses.

Preliminary Discourses

In California, the parties are required to exchange a preliminary declaration of disclosure, which includes a schedule of assets and debts, and an income and expense declaration. The concept is to provide full disclosure of all of the assets, debts, income and investment opportunities. The marital partners are in a fiduciary relationship with each other, which requires truthfulness and full disclosure of all the important information one has. Again, by voluntarily and completely providing this information, the emotional and financial cost of divorce can be reduced.

Marital Settlement Agreement or Trial

Marital issues are generally resolved by either agreement or trial. A marital settlement agreement is a contract that is incorporated into the final judgment of dissolution. The trial is a regular civil trial with the rules of procedure and evidence being followed.

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