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In many relationships, emotions run high, and it is impossible to come to agreement on important issues in a divorce. In a contested divorce, it is critical to have a divorce lawyer on your side who has the experience and skill to take your case to trial.

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California Lawyers Aggressively Pursuing Divorce Settlement

Our San Diego contested divorce lawyers know what is at stake for you and your family. While we are concerned for your needs and the needs of your children, we are also aggressive in our approach to protect your rights and interests. We handle divorce litigation and all related issues that arise in divorce, including:

Full Disclosure: Don't Hold Back Information in Your Divorce

Spouses are in a fiduciary relationship with one another — whether seeking divorce or not. This relationship imposes the duty to be truthful and fully disclose all information pertaining to assets and liabilities. In California divorces, full disclosure is completed through a preliminary declaration of disclosure, which includes a schedule of all known assets and liabilities. Failure to fully disclose information in this schedule can result in serious problems later in the divorce process or after the final divorce decree.

If the court later becomes aware of a spouse's (or former spouse's) intentional failure to disclose information about any assets or liabilities, the court may use that as a factor in determining the final property division order (or post-judgment modification). This includes disclosure of lottery winnings, investments, business opportunities, and all other known assets or debts.

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